6 months away from applications

Summer is almost here, and summer is a fantastic time to start thinking about which schools appeal to you most. This is your three-month cushion for a variety of things: researching schools, brushing up for the GRE, saving money for applications. Why? Fall should be reserved time to work on your portfolio and applications.

When I say “work on your portfolio” this entails all of the time you’ll spend thinking about it and not just time spent at the desk writing or editing. You’ll need some space to be thoughtful about what you’re doing so that your portfolio represents your best work. This is why fall, a season of contemplation, pairs well with the work you’ll need to accomplish.

In the meantime, here are a few helpful questions in considering schools:

  • Where do you really want to go most of all? And why?
  • Are there things you need to find out about MFA programs in general? For example, do you know how a stipend works? Do you know the average course load across schools?
  • Where are you willing to move? How much would it cost to pack up and move there? Is your partner willing to go there?
  • What are your priorities in selecting a school? (Funding, faculty, location, etc.)

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