Two and a Half Months

With two and a half months remaining before the first MFA deadlines, you will need to have scheduled your GRE test if you haven’t already done so. I believe November may be the latest opportunity to take the GRE.

But more importantly, you will need to begin revising your creative manuscript. Develop a concrete plan. How long will it take to revise the work? How long will you need to proofread and edit again? How long will you need to wait in between revisions in order to read clearly?

It’s  a good idea to get constructive critical feedback from other writers that  you trust. Writing is such an isolated craft, so take advantage of a good reader if you can.

If you don’t have an expert on call, I  offer comprehensive feedback on creative work, and have helped a number of MFA applicants with their fiction manuscripts. See a description of my Creative Feedback service, or what others have had to say about working together.


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