July Assignment

June’s assignment was to complete a draft of a story or novel chapter. If you’ve not yet completed the full draft, continue working through July to finish a draft. It’s really important that you get a full story down on paper rather than start ten or fifteen new ideas. Creating a schedule to write and disciplining yourself to finish a project is crucial in learning how to write, and how to write better.


July Assignment: For those of you who have completed a draft (even if it’s seemingly full of holes or problems), use July to step away from the work. Feel free to jot down notes and ideas about your work throughout the month, but don’t go back and revise just yet. Choose a few new things to experience. Break out of your routine. For instance, pick a museum in the next town you’ve never visited, and make a trip out there. Or choose a restaurant in town and go to dinner by yourself. Or sit at a bus stop and observe all the passersby and for an hour. Or go to a cafe (preferably not your neighborhood cafe) and ask someone out (if you’re single). Do something new and strange! Get out of your comfort zone, and then write about it. Spend the month experiencing and losing yourself in the sensation of the unknown.


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