Writing Routines & Practices, Black Warrior Review

The four fiction writers (including me!) being featured in Black Warrior Review‘s fall issue (coming Oct 1) offer up answers on three writing questions: how we write, who we read, and what we do when we feel stuck. I’m honored to be published alongside these lovely writers. Read the short interview here!

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 8.01.15 AM

Here’s an excerpt:

BWR: What writers and books do you feel have had the biggest influence on you?

Jamie Netzer: I met Louise at a school event, and she gave me two incredible pieces of advice. One was, write brave. I sent a story her way that was just okay, very safe. And all she said was, you’re talented, but don’t hold back. The other was write your first novel before you have a baby. I decided then and there that I’m going to. I couldn’t believe she offered up such practical advice—so generous and great. 


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