Holistic Fiction Manuscript Review

Dear Writers,

November is fast approaching, and so are many school deadlines. If you would like an expert review of your manuscript, now is the time to find a reader you trust to give you constructive feedback. Having a set of expert eyes in the final stage of your writing can be really helpful in elevating strengths in the writing and pinpointing weak areas.


Alyson Shotz, Guggenheim
Alyson Shotz, Guggenheim

I am offering a holistic fiction manuscript review through November 30. Here is what a critique entails, and how it works:

What You Receive: A constructive and holistic review (400-550 words) of your fiction manuscript (up to two stories) that addresses critical elements including structure, pacing, language, and character development. The review will include concrete steps toward revision. (If you need additional detailed margin comments along each page, see the creative writing feedback service.)

What You Submit: 1-2 stories or a novel excerpt of up to 6,000 words or 20 double-spaced pages. You can submit additional pages (see the fee below).

Cost: $90 for up to 6,000 words or 20 double-spaced pages, and $4 per additional page. 10% off all subsequent revisions of the same material.

How It Works: Begin the process by contacting me at robin.r.tung@gmail.com. Include your manuscript in a Word or PDF document and the total word count of your project. Once I receive your project, I will send a note with instructions for making a Paypal payment. The holistic manuscript review will be emailed to you 3-5 days after payment is received.


What other writers have experienced in working with me:

Robin has the singular ability to see the work from the inside and outside—an ability that is often lacking in even the best editors. She has an exacting eye and a huge heart, and this combination has helped me solve problems of content, tone, and structure, while still maintaining the work’s intent and integrity. For both creative endeavors and practical pursuits, I go to Robin first; I trust her sensitivity, intelligence, and instincts over anyone’s-Anne-Marie T., Columbia, MO

I was considering MFA programs after being out of school for over a decade, and Robin was uniquely valuable as a surrogate academic advisor: she was familiar with the various programs and their quirks, genuinely interested in my goals, and just fantastically supportive during the application process. That is in addition to her top-notch work as an editor; Robin’s critiques were some of the most thorough and insightful I’ve received, covering everything from story structure to use of language, as well as addressing how certain choices might be received by admissions committees.  Working with Robin made me a stronger candidate, helped me approach the overall process in a thoughtful fashion, and was always just a pleasure. -Nathan H., New York City, NY

Robin’s feedback was particularly helpful when it came to improving organization and dramatic tension. Her line edits helped strengthen clarity and continuity of story and scene, not to mention tighten the overall movement of plot. She has a gift for zeroing in on story gaps and helping you fill them. I believe she gave me the proper amount of insight and feedback to take my stories to a more polished and stronger place. Her services are well worth the reasonable fee. -Bryce B., Los Angeles, CA

I worked with Robin to workshop a couple of stories for my MFA Fiction application for Fall 2014. She provided tremendous critical feedback in terms of story structure and arc, characterization, language and syntax, and even plot. In addition, she made great copyediting suggestions. I am happy to report I will be attending one of my top choices for school next year, and I’m not sure I could have done it without her help. -Philip M., Chicago, IL

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