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Hi All,

Affording the MFA is undergoing a comprehensive update to provide current links, and up-to-date news on funding, faculty, tuition costs, application information, and admission rates. I will also be preparing to interview program directors and administrators to offer you direct insight and information about schools.

If you find Affording the MFA helpful, please consider making a donation today! Your contribution directly funds the research and updating of school pages, as well as the original bullet interviews. Make a donation of any amount here!

And consider submitting a question you’d like answered in a bullet interview in the comments section below. My goal is to help you find answers and prepare for MFA application season in the most optimal way.



(Art by Steve Back)



2 thoughts on “School Updates & Questions”

  1. Are you familiar with the online MFA offered at UTEP, University of Texas in El Paso? My husband is in the Military so there is always a chance of relocation. However, would an online MFA provide the same opportunities of networking and potential teaching jobs?

    1. Hi Hope, I’m not familiar with the program. An online MFA may be a good option for those who move a lot, or don’t want to move at all. However, a remote program doesn’t offer in-person teaching experience, which is what employers would look for (unless you have a book or many books out), and because you don’t get to meet people or go out to lunch or grab a drink, I would say that a remote program doesn’t offer the same networking opportunities.

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