Revisions (and the feedback you need)

Many of you submitted your first round of applications yesterday. Fantastic work and congratulations! For the past few months, you’ve been writing and revising, wrangling recommenders, and tracking transcripts and GRE score reports. But now that the first submissions are in, I’m sure that there is a sense of completion and possibly curiosity (or worry) about your manuscript.

If you’d like some feedback on your writing to address the questions that may be surfacing now, I’d be happy to work with you by providing holistic feedback (450-600 words) addressing your stories, novel excerpt, or essays as a whole. The feedback will tell you whether the heart of the piece is clear, and whether all elements–such as characterization, use of language, structure, pacing–of the narrative work cohesively. I’ll also lay out concrete steps to improving the work for revision. Overall, it’s a calm, organized, and concise way to making your writing better. For more details about creative writing feedback, you can visit my site.


(Art by Rithika Merchant)


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