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Stipend Rankings + A New Minimum Standard?

This month, I was interviewed by The Writer Mag about Affording the MFA and its offerings for its May/June issue. But it got me thinking about the minimum stipend, which was set at $9K in 2012 to include a broader listing of schools. Since 2012, more programs have cropped up, and stipends have increased, even if only slightly. This meager $9K stipend no longer seems livable by the average standard of living. What do you think the minimum stipend should be in order to be listed on Affording the MFA? Or should our list simply set a low stipend ($10K, which all the schools on the list now meet) so that a broader list can be accessed?

Here is a list of school stipends with information from 2015-2016 unless noted otherwise. Note that some schools offer a different amount in the second or third year, indicated by a slash.

School Stipend Note
Johns Hopkins $30,000  
UT Austin $27,500  
Cornell $25,000 Data from 2013
Vanderbilt $24,000  
WA Univ St Louis $22,220  
U of MI $22,000 / $18,600  
U of WI $22,000  
UC Irvine $20,050  
UVA $20,000  
Univ of OR $18,000  
U of MN $17,500  
LSU $17,500  
Purdue $17,000  
Ohio State $16,000 or $21,800  Teaching fellows receive larger stipdend
Virginia Tech $16,000  
U of Miami $15,965  
U of FL $15,800  
Indiana Univ $15,750  
ASU $15,000  
Univ of WA $15,000  
U of Houston $15,000  
U of AZ $14,808
UNM $14,792 Data from 2014
Syracuse $14,535-19,916 Funding dependent on type of graduate duty (teaching, publishing) and up to 19,196 may be available
Univ of WY $14,078 Includes one-time amount of $2K for summer between first and second year
U of AL $13,500  
UI at Urbana-Champaign $13,086 / $21,493  
Boston Univ $12,800
U of IA $9,262-18,816 Funding dependent on teaching or research position and work load
Notre Dame $12,500  
Brown $11,850 / $23,700 Additional $2K available for students in good standing for summer funding between first and second year
U of MS $11,500  
U of AR $11,400 or $12,000 Higher stipend given to candidates with MA
Oregon State $10,555  
Bowling Green $10,500  
Boise State $10,450

3 thoughts on “Stipend Rankings + A New Minimum Standard?

  1. I’d vote for the more inclusive list. I applied to schools from all three sectors of your list, and your site was helpful as a foundation for researching programs.

  2. I know that some of these schools have lower stipends the first year. For instance, Illinois offers around 13,000 for the first year, but then nearly doubles that to 20,000 for the second and third year each. And Brown is almost 12,000 the first year, but then bumps that up to almost 24,000 the second year. So, it might be worth noting that these are first year numbers only, or note that some stipends increase later on in the program.

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