2018 Application Season!

Hi friends,

The 2018 application season is fast approaching! Many of you are creating a list of schools and starting to think about the personal statement and what work you might  send out.

In working with writers over the last eight years, I’ve accumulated an abundance of helpful tools and advice on crafting the personal statement. This summer, I’d like to create a digital workshop to offer guidance on how to begin, write and edit the personal statement. It will be an audio download that you can purchase and listen to at any time on your commute, at home or on walks. Would this be of help to you? What are the biggest questions on your mind?  I’d love to hear from you!



(Art by Ginnie Hsu)


4 thoughts on “2018 Application Season!”

  1. This would be great! I am currently starting to work on applications and statement of purpose letters. I would love to know: does each statement of purpose need to be completely different for each school, what are the most important things the reader is looking for, how can I catch their eye? Thank you!

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