Final Weeks Before Deadlines

For most of you, application deadlines are fast approaching as we enter the last half of November. While this tends to be a stressful time with holidays, visitors, travel plans, wrapping up other work, and so on, create a space for yourself to work on this particular project. Like anything you care about, you'll have to carve out that time… Continue reading Final Weeks Before Deadlines


Advice for the Final Weeks

I hope that you all enjoyed the holiday! With deadlines fast approaching, I wanted to offer some reminders and advice for your final weeks of applications. The manuscript accounts for 95%+ of the admissions decision. Many of you know this if you've read my short interviews with directors and professors. Make sure that your writing is truly… Continue reading Advice for the Final Weeks

4 months away from from applications

Summer is nearly over, and fall is fast approaching. We are 4 months away from application deadlines. What can you do now? Save the online application, essays, CV revisions, and recommendation requests for later. Focus on your writing sample. I have two reasons--one for the applicant, and one for the writer, and they're not exclusive. As… Continue reading 4 months away from from applications

6 months away from applications

Summer is almost here, and summer is a fantastic time to start thinking about which schools appeal to you most. This is your three-month cushion for a variety of things: researching schools, brushing up for the GRE, saving money for applications. Why? Fall should be reserved time to work on your portfolio and applications. When… Continue reading 6 months away from applications