Kansas University’s MFA: $14K but no healthcare

Kansas University's Lydia Ash, Graduate Secretary: "We try to fund (with a GTAship) all students accepted to our program—MAs, MFAs, and PhDs. The current stipend is $14,000. GTA appointments pay up to to nine hours of credit per semester, but does not cover insurance or campus fees. Here are our admissions numbers the past few years. 'Complete'… Continue reading Kansas University’s MFA: $14K but no healthcare


University of South Carolina reduces stipend

University of South Carolina at Columbia: Due to a state law, first-year students entering without 18 hours of graduate credit receive, during their first year, an instructional assistantship that confers in-state tuition status and provides half tuition in addition to an annual stipend ($8,125 in 2012). After their first year, they move into a teaching assistantship… Continue reading University of South Carolina reduces stipend