WUSTL Update on Admissions

In 2012, Shannon Rabong, Assistant Director of WUSTL's MFA program told Affording the MFA that the school received 398 applicants in 2011, and admitted a total of 10: 5 in poetry and 5 in fiction, putting the acceptance rate at 2.5%. This year, WUSTL received 390 total applicants and admitted 13 students: 5 in poetry,… Continue reading WUSTL Update on Admissions

Minnesota Update on Funding and Admissions

Robin Tung: What is the current funding is for students? Minnesota: Our TA stipend for 2014-15 is $14,336.00, along with full tuition waiver and health insurance. Students are responsible for various student service fees. All of our admitted students receive full funding. RT: What are the current admission rates: how many students applied last year… Continue reading Minnesota Update on Funding and Admissions

School Updates & Questions

Hi All, Affording the MFA is undergoing a comprehensive update to provide current links, and up-to-date news on funding, faculty, tuition costs, application information, and admission rates. I will also be preparing to interview program directors and administrators to offer you direct insight and information about schools. If you find Affording the MFA helpful, please consider making a… Continue reading School Updates & Questions