2018 Application Season!

Hi friends, The 2018 application season is fast approaching! Many of you are creating a list of schools and starting to think about the personal statement and what work you might  send out. In working with writers over the last eight years, I've accumulated an abundance of helpful tools and advice on crafting the personal… Continue reading 2018 Application Season!


How to Write a Personal Statement

The personal statement is an opportunity to present yourself in a straightforward and authentic way. It's like sitting down one-on-one with a faculty reader for 5-10 precious minutes. The personal statement features your voice, background, interests, facility with language, and creative heart and pursuits. It may sound generic but this is your chance to illuminate your… Continue reading How to Write a Personal Statement

Revisions (and the feedback you need)

Many of you submitted your first round of applications yesterday. Fantastic work and congratulations! For the past few months, you've been writing and revising, wrangling recommenders, and tracking transcripts and GRE score reports. But now that the first submissions are in, I'm sure that there is a sense of completion and possibly curiosity (or worry) about your… Continue reading Revisions (and the feedback you need)

You’re Admitted: A Few Questions to Ask

If you've been admitted to a program-- or perhaps more than one!-- you'll want to consider a few questions once you've gotten the offer. What other funding opportunities does the school offer? Some schools offer competitive scholarships in addition to the full funding. And there may be additional teaching opportunities, too. During my MFA studies,… Continue reading You’re Admitted: A Few Questions to Ask

School Updates & Questions

Hi All, Affording the MFA is undergoing a comprehensive update to provide current links, and up-to-date news on funding, faculty, tuition costs, application information, and admission rates. I will also be preparing to interview program directors and administrators to offer you direct insight and information about schools. If you find Affording the MFA helpful, please consider making a… Continue reading School Updates & Questions