Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore)

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD
Two-year program (24 credits)

Funding: All students will financial aid in the form of full tuition and a teaching assistantship. One student is offered the editorial assistantship in the second year, which carries the same stipend. Additional intersession and summer courses are available though competitive. Healthcare is included in both types of funding.

“Our current stipend is $30,500,” – Amy Lynwander, Sr. Administrative Coordinator [Oct 2017]

Faculty: Danielle Evans, David Yezzi, James Arthur, Brad Leithauser, Dora Malech, Alice McDermott, Jean McGarry, Andrew Motion, Eric Puchner, Mary Jo Salter

Application (Deadline Jan. 15):

  • Manuscript: up to 40 double-spaced pages not to exceed 3 separate pieces of work for fiction; 10 poems not to exceed 25 double-spaced pages for poetry
  • Critique of Work (statement of purpose): a two-page (at most) introduction and critique giving admissions faculty a view to the scope and thoughtfulness of the work submitted and a sense of the student’s ability to identify both its strengths and weaknesses.  It should convey a sense of the tone and approach by which the applicant hopes to contribute to the writing workshops.
  • General GRE scores
  • Official transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • $75 application fee

Admission rate: 8 students (4 per genre) admitted out of 200 applications; 4% acceptance rate


5 thoughts on “Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore)”

  1. Hi Robin

    Have you seen any pattern or a cut-off score for GRE for getting admitted into MFA in Fiction at Johns Hopkins?


    1. Hi Apoorva, The English department has a minimum score for entry. I’m not certain what that number is however.

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