Syracuse University

Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY
Three-year program (48 credits)

Funding: All students are fully funded. Each student admitted receives a full tuition scholarship in addition to an annual stipend of $14,535 – $19,196. Some of these scholarships are configured to include teaching duties. Students have opportunities to teach in The Writing Program (a separate academic unit, specializing in composition) and in the Living Writers course, featuring prominent guest writers from the Raymond Carver Reading Series. Occasionally other classes are available to teach (e.g. ETS 151, Interpretation of Poetry).

Faculty: Michael Burkard, Jonathan Dee, Arthur Flowers, Brooks Haxton, Mary Karr, Christopher Kennedy, George Saunders, Bruce Smith, Dana Spiotta

Application (Deadline Dec. 15):

  • Manuscript: up to 20 double-spaced pages for fiction; 10-12 poems for poetry
  • Basic information sheet: full contact, academic background, writers with whom you’ve studied, and a brief statement of intent
  • Statement of purpose: 500 words describing your main academic interests, why you wish to study for the degree you’ve chosen, why you wish to study at Syracuse University, how you expect to finance your studies, and your plans for the future after you receive your degree.
  • Teaching statement: 600 words about your interest in teaching at Syracuse University as part of your graduate program. Describe the skills and experiences that could make you an effective and committed teacher; how is teaching related to your intellectual interests and career goals?  Draw on these experiences to explain the skills and philosophy of learning that you would bring to teaching.
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts
  • $75 application fee

Admission rate: “We accept six students per genre (fiction and poetry). This year we received 600 fiction applications and 177 poetry applications.” Chris Kennedy, MFA Director [May 1, 2015]


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  1. Thanks for your comments, Tony. I will update Affording the MFA in late spring and contact the schools directly to make sure I have updated funding information.

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