Washington University in St Louis

Washington University in St Louis
St. Louis, MO
Two-year program (42 credits)

Funding: Because of our selectivity and size, we are able to offer all our new students full and equal financial aid. For first year students, this is in the form of a university fellowship, which provides a complete tuition waiver plus a stipend sufficient for students to live comfortably in our relatively inexpensive city. The amount of the stipend is variable (it has risen each of the last five years), but for our students in 2016-17 it is $22,220. We also provide full and equal funding to all of our second year students in the form of a Teaching Assistantship (which includes a full tuition waiver) plus a stipend that, at present, is $22,220.

Faculty:  Mary Jo Bang, Carl Phillips, francine harris, Kathryn Davis, Danielle Dutton, Kathryn Davis, Marshall Klimasewiski, Kathleen Finneran, Edward McPherson

Application (Deadline Dec. 15):

  1. Manuscript: up to 35 double-spaced pages for fiction; 6-12 poems for poetry
  2. Statement of purpose
  3. Three letters of recommendation
  4. Official copy of transcripts
  5. General GRE scores
  6. CV
  7. $55 application fee

Admission rate: “This year we had 390 total applicants and we admitted 13 students – 5 in fiction, 5 in poetry, and 3 in nonfiction.” -Shannon Rabong, Assistant Director of MFA program [Apr 28, 2015]


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