Revisions (and the feedback you need)

Many of you submitted your first round of applications yesterday. Fantastic work and congratulations! For the past few months, you've been writing and revising, wrangling recommenders, and tracking transcripts and GRE score reports. But now that the first submissions are in, I'm sure that there is a sense of completion and possibly curiosity (or worry) about your… Continue reading Revisions (and the feedback you need)

Final Weeks Before Deadlines

For most of you, application deadlines are fast approaching as we enter the last half of November. While this tends to be a stressful time with holidays, visitors, travel plans, wrapping up other work, and so on, create a space for yourself to work on this particular project. Like anything you care about, you'll have to carve out that time… Continue reading Final Weeks Before Deadlines

5 Schools Updated

Purdue University (West Lafayette), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Iowa (Iowa City), University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), and University of Minnesota (Minneapolis) are now updated. The entire site will reflect 2016 program information once these remaining schools are updated: Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Washington St. Louis.   (Art by Sarah Cain)