Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge)

Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA
Three-year program (48 credits)

Funding & Training: LSU generously funds all students accepted into the program by offering teaching assistantships. Editorial assistantships are also occasionally awarded at The Southern Review and The New Delta Review. The stipends are typically as follows: $16,500 if entering with a BA; $17,000 if entering with an MA. Incoming MFA students generally work as teaching assistants for a variety of large lecture courses during their first year, leading one break-out discussion section per semester. Students entering with an MA, however, are usually assigned their own section of English Composition. In the fall of their second year, all MFA students are normally assigned their own section of English Composition, one per semester. Third-year MFA students will likely teach one or two creative writing course in their genre. This is not, however, a guarantee and is dependent on course availability.

Faculty: Jason D. Buch, Jennifer S Davis, Femi Euba, Lara Glenum, Zack Godshall, Mari Kornhauser, Laura Mullen, Josh Wheeler, James Wilcox

Application (Deadline Jan. 15):

  1. Manuscript: approx. 20 double-spaced pages for fiction; 8-10 poems for poetry
  2. Letter of application: 500 words on artistic influences, present literary activity, and life experiences not reflected elsewhere in your application and that contribute to your literary productivity.
  3. Three letters of recommendation
  4. Official copy of transcripts with undergraduate 3.2 GPA minimum
  5. General GRE scores: verbal score must be above 600 (Institution: 6373.)
  6. $50 application fee

Admission rate: “159 fiction applications; 3 admitted = 1.89%. 66 poetry applications; 3 admitted = 4.55%.” – Jennifer S. Davis, Associate Professor [June 8, 2015]