Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond)

Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, VA
Three-year program

Funding: Presently, all full-time students funded. The Graduate Teaching Assistantship is the creative writing program’s primary source of funding for its students. 12-month assistantships include a full tuition waiver plus a stipend of $22,000; 9-month assistantships include a full tuition waiver plus a stipend of $11,500.

Tuition: $6,199.73 per academic semester for residents and $11,922.23 nonresidents; 48 credits to complete the program

Faculty: Susann Cokal, Tom De Haven, Gregory Donovan, Claudia Emerson, Harrison Candelaria Fletcher, Kathleen Graber, Clint McCown, David Wojahn

Application (Deadline Feb. 1):

  • Manuscript: 20-50 double-spaced pages of any combination of fiction, drama or nonfiction for porse; 8-10 poems for poetry
  • Online application
  • Statement of purpose: an essay addressing reading habits; writing habits; experiences with criticism of your own work and the work of others, in workshops, perhaps, but in the study of literature as well; as we as what you see as your responsibilities in the community of writers of which you are a part.
  • Professional paper: either undergraduate or graduate
  • Brief personal essay: (2-3 pages) in which you discuss your relevant teaching experience, educational background and your particular interest in a graduate degree, suggesting where your education seems to be leading.
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts
  • General GRE scores (Institution: 5570)
  • $65 application fee

Admission rate: n/a


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