Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Blacksburg)

Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Blacksburg, VA
Three-year program (48 credits)

Funding: All students are fully funded through Graduate Teaching Assistantships with annual stipends of $16,000. The three-year program funding package includes full tuition remission and health insurance. No teaching is required in the first semester with opportunity to teach creative writing in the third year.

Faculty: Ed Falco, Nikki Giovanni, Bob Hicok, Jeff Mann, Erika Meitner, Lucinda Roy, Matthew Vollmer

Application (Deadline Jan. 15):

  1. Manuscript: up to 25 double-spaced pages for fiction; 15 pages for poetry
  2. Personal statement: in a 1-2 double-spaced page, tell us about yourself as a writer, reader, and person.  What drives you to want to write (and read and learn)? Why do you want to do an MFA in Creative Writing? Why do you want to do it at Virgina Tech? If you have teaching or tutoring experience, tell us about it and describe what you learned from it, and/or how you feel it might help you in the college classroom.
  3. CV/resume
  4. Three letters of recommendation
  5. Official copy of transcripts
  6. General GRE scores optional
  7. $75 application fee

Admission rate: “We had around 190 applicants the last time.  We took 8 . . . but normally we can only take 6 or 7 (because of funding).” -Jeff Mann, Director of Creative Writing [July 26, 2013]


4 thoughts on “Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Blacksburg)”

  1. V. Tech revamped their MFA site recently (literally within the last week, as I was there just the other day), and they’re being cagey about their funding now: the funding page refers to a written URL — not even a link — for “details,: and when you cut and paste the link it doesn’t work! Anyway, hope this info is still accurate.

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