Arizona State University (Tempe)

Arizona State University-Tempe
Tempe, AZ
Three-year program (48 credits)

Funding:Currently, all students admitted to the MFA program who submit a complete and approved teaching assistantship application are awarded a TA by the Department of English. Each assistantship carries a three course per year load and includes a tuition waiver and health insurance in addition to the TA stipend ($15,000 per year).

Faculty: Sally Ball, Matthew Bell, Norman Dubie, Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Cynthia Hogue, T. R. Hummer, Tara Ison, T. M. McNally,  Jewell Parker Rhodes, Alberto Alvaro Rios

Application (Deadline Jan. 1):

  • Manuscript (3 hard copies): 30 double-spaced pages for fiction; 20 double-spaced pages for poetry
  • Personal statement: 1,000 words including writing background, intended area of specialization, a brief self-evaluation of recent work, and goals
  • Resume or CV
  • Teaching assistant application packet
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts (GPA 3.00 or above)
  • $70/90 application fee

Admission rate: “At ASU we currently accept 5 poetry students and 5 fiction students into the MFA program each year. The number of applicants ranges from 230 to 300. We typically get more applications in fiction than in poetry.” -Peter Turchi, Director of Creative Writing [Oct 9, 2012]

3 thoughts on “Arizona State University (Tempe)

    1. Scratch that, actually.

      The weirdest thing happened yesterday. I checked the ASU and UC Irvine MFA sites in the last month or so and saw that both had increased their funding package by about $2k a year. Then I checked back yesterday and not only has the appearance of both sites been completely overhauled, but their funding has been knocked back down to original levels. I’m not crazy, I swear; this really happened.

      1. $17k per year is correct, although ASU is only accepting 5 students total for Fall of 2017 (fiction and poetry combined.) I’m an applicant; this information comes from correspondence with admissions. 🙂

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