Brown University (Providence)

Brown University
Providence, RI
Two-year program (24 credits)

Funding & Training: In the first year, all graduate students receive a fellowship that pays a monthly stipend and covers tuition, the health fee, and health insurance. Fellowships do not require employment or teaching. The stipend for the 2015-2016 academic year is $11,850. Between the first and second academic year, students in good standing receive a summer stipend of $2,500. In the second year, all graduate students in good standing who are qualified will be awarded teaching assistantships.  Teaching assistants teach one undergraduate writing workshop per semester, and receive a full stipend, tuition, health fee, and health insurance. The second year stipend for the 2015-2016 academic year is $23,700.

Faculty: Andrew Colarusso,  John Cayley,  Thalia Field, Forrest Gander, Joanna Howard, Carole Maso, Gale Nelson, Meredith Steinbach, Cole Swensen

Application (Deadline Dec. 15):

  1. Manuscript: 30-40 double-spaced pages for fiction;  15-20 pages for poetry
  2. Personal statement: In 1-4 double-spaced pages, we suggest that you think of it as an introduction to your writing sample.  You can talk about yourself, your aesthetics, your past experiences, why you think Brown Literary Arts is a good fit for you, etc.
  3. Three letters of recommendation
  4. Official transcripts
  5. $75 application fee

Admission rate: “We receive approx. 900 apps for our Literary Arts Program.” -Program Assistant [Dec 7, 2012] And in FAQs as of 2016: “In the past few years, the department has received between 800 and 900 applications.  This year, the department anticipates offering admission to four or five fiction writers, four or five poets…”


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