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Danielle Dutton (Washington St. Louis) Talks First Novel and Favorite Books

Danielle Dutton,  a professor in the MFA program at Washington St. Louis talks about her writing and reading practices, and books she likes in The Sweetest Debut, Flavorwires’ new column reaching out to debut authors from presses of all sizes.

It’s always a good idea to get to know who is teaching at a program– you never know where you may find a point of confluence.

Here’s a snippet:

Q: A book you’ve read more than two times.

A: I love re-reading, am a die-hard re-reader, so it’s impossible to pick only one. Taking just the shelf of books in the room where I’m sitting: many Brontës, every Austen, most of Virginia Woolf.Housekeeping. Sarah Shun-lien Bynum’s Madeleine is Sleeping. Kathryn Davis’s Versaille. Selah Saterstrom’s The Pink Institution. César Aira’s An Episode in the Life of a Landscape Painter.

A book or other piece of art that influenced your writing for this particular project?

Margaret Cavendish’s own A Description of a New World Called The Blazing World, with its blazing stars that make the night as bright as day, its talking bears and spiders, its rivers of liquid crystal…

Read the rest here: The Sweetest Debut: Danielle Dutton on Resurrecting a 17th Century Iconoclast.

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Updated: All Schools in the East (5)

All Eastern MFA programs have been updated!

These updates are only possible with your help. Consider a donation of $10, $15 or $20 today.

3 worthwhile reasons to donate today:

  1. Directly fund the time and resources needed to update all schools (22 schools remaining; 13 schools updated as of now!)
  2. Hear directly from MFA directors, faculty and staff on info that you can’t find elsewhere (including what programs are looking for, and stipend and admission rates).
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6 Weeks Left

WIth six weeks left before the first round of deadlines falling around December 15, it’s time to put all things aside and focus on applications. Use Thanksgiving as a deadline to finish your personal statement and manuscript. This gives you 25 days starting now! Its also recommended that you take a peek or start online applications at least a few weeks in advance so that you’re familiar with the platform. And don’t forget to remind your recommenders about a month before applications are due if they haven’t submitted letters on your behalf.

Good luck, writers!

I am available to you for creative writing feedback (fiction only) and help with the personal statement all month. View my services at and contact me at