Ohio State University (Columbus)

Ohio State University
Columbus, OH
Three-year program (39 credits)

Funding: The current stipend for MFAs with teaching appointments (one course each semester) is roughly $16,000 for the nine-month academic year (along with the stipend comes a fee authorization, which means you do not have to pay tuition). Fellows (who do not teach during their first year in the program) are granted a $21,800 stipend for the twelve-month academic year (fellows teach during their second and third years).  All MFA students also receive access to student health insurance.

Faculty: Lina Ferreira, Kathy Fagan Grandinetti, Michelle Herman, Marcus Jackson, Lee Martin, Nick White

Application (Deadline Dec. 9):

  • Manuscript: 20-40 double-spaced pages for fiction; 15-25 pages for poetry
  • Critical writing sample: 8-10 pages short scholarly/critical essay or portion of a longer work is appropriate. This essay should demonstrate your abilities as a critical reader of a literary or related text, in particular your ability to form a written argument.  It is useful in the department’s assessment of your potential to teach undergraduates.
  • Personal statement: 1-2 single-spaced statement  that describes your background as a writer and your purpose in pursuing this degree; this statement should address your writing interests as well as briefly describe your interest and/or experience in teaching
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Resume/CV: no more than 2 pages
  • Official transcripts
  • $60/70 application fee

Admission rate: “In our 2015 admissions season (starting fall 2015), we had 262 applications; 149 in fiction, 42 in nonfiction; and 71 in poetry.  We admitted a class of 12, made up of 5 fiction writers, 3 nonfiction writers, and 4 poets.” -Tammy Carl, Academic Program Coordinator [May 5, 2015]


7 thoughts on “Ohio State University (Columbus)”

  1. This program no longer requires a critical writing sample!

    The stipends have changed: $17,100 for teaching; $25,800 for fellows.

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