University of Mississippi (Oxford)

University of Mississippi Oxford
Oxford, MS
Three-year program (42 credits)

Funding: Incoming students receive Teaching Assistantships, and the current stipend structure for the Fellowship is $11,500 per year, which includes $250 for the health insurance premium.   Along with the stipend, TA’s will receive a tuition scholarship from the Graduate School covering resident tuition.

Faculty: Matt Bondurant, Beth Ann Fennelly, Ann Fisher-Wirth, Richard Ford, Tom Franklin, Melissa Ginsburg, Derrick A Harriell, Kiese Laymon,Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Chris Offutt, Gary Short

Application (Deadline Jan. 5):

  1. Manuscript: up to 30 double-spaced pages for fiction; 10 single-spaced pages  for poetry
  2. Statement of purpose: (no more than two single-spaced pages) indicating if you wish to be considered for a teaching assistantship or fellowship, your background and experience, as well as any academic or career goals.

Admission rate: “300 apps, 8 spots–pretty competitive!” -Beth Ann Fennelly, Director of the MFA Program [Dec 6, 2012]


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