University of Oregon (Eugene)

University of Oregon
Eugene, OR
Two-year program (13 courses; credits not specified)

Funding & Training: Each year, CRWR accepts 10 graduate students annually. Each incoming student is offered a Graduate Teaching Fellowship (GTF). Students with a GTF appointment (.49 FTE) receive full tuition waivers (covering resident or non-resident tuition, whichever is applicable), monthly stipends, and health coverage. The stipend is generally enough for the average single person to reasonably live on in the Eugene/Springfield area. We anticipate that the annual stipend for 2015-2016 CRWR GTFs will be $18,000.

Faculty: Daniel Anderson, Jason Brown, Marjorie Celona, Geri Doran, Cai Emmons, Garrett Hongo, Karen Thompson Walker

Application (Deadline Jan. 15):

  • Manuscript: up to 25 double-spaced pages for fiction; 10 poems or up to 14 single-spaced pages for poetry
  • Personal statement: a well-written intellectual autobiography (3 double-spaced pages or less) that focuses on literary apprenticeship (influences and education), life experiences, purpose in pursuing study in this program or with specific faculty, and critical or creative issues you plan to pursue after the MFA.
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Official transcripts
  • $70 application fee

Admission rate: “[Poetry] accepted 5 out of about 135 applicants this year. But many are admitted from the wait list, which is about 15 deep in any given year.” – Garrett K. Hongo, Professor [June 24, 2015]

“We have 700-800 applicants each year, and we accept five in each genre.” – Jason Brown, Associate Professor [June 24, 2015]


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  1. Lisa Fay Coutley was only a visiting professor for one term during the ’15-’16 year, and Ehud Havazelet is deceased.

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