Summer Interviews!

Monday morning interviews are coming your way! From June 1 through July 27, Affording the MFA presents a series of Q&A with MFA Directors and Professors to bring you their advice and insight on admissions, applicants, funding and more.

  • June 1: Daniel Mueller of University of New Mexico
  • June 8: Cynthia Hogue of Arizona State University
  • June 15: Chris Kennedy of Syracuse University
  • June 22: Two interviews from the University of Oregon with Garrett K. Hongo and Jason Brown
  • June 29: Judith Claire Mitchell of University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • July 6:  Jodee Stanley of University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign
  • July 13: J. Kasteley of University of Houston
  • July 20: Karl Kircheway of Boston University
  • July 27: Allison Hammond of University of Arkansas
  • Aug 3: Jennifer S. David of Louisiana State University
  • Aug 10: Andrew Feld of University of Washington


(Art by Olafur Eliasson)


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