Dear writers,

As summer comes to a peak, my personal time has become more and more limited. Raising a toddler, running my own small consultancy and writing my first book means that I must say goodbye to this project.  And unfortunately, I will not be able to get the audio lessons off the ground– my aspirations were pretty expansive this year!

I hope that this collection of information, thoughts and interviews have been helpful to you along your journey in applications. I know you will go on to do many spectacular things whether you enroll in a program this fall or not.

I wish you all the very, very best.


Robin Tung


4 thoughts on “Goodbye”

  1. Thanks for letting us know.

    Most, if not all, of the MFA sites I’ve found quickly go defunct within 2-4 years because they (like you) have so much happen in their lives.

    Although prospective students like me are always looking for the most contemporary sources, there’s a plethora of information from sites like these and even MFA sittes from the late 2000s.

    Best of luck with your book and your toddler!

  2. this site has been so helpful to me and everybody I’ve met who knows anything about getting an MFA in creative writing recommends it. thanks so much for your time!!

  3. Hey — you should know that I’ve spent the last few years looking at this site, as I made my way from undergrad to my current MA. It’s always been a warm and positive place for me to find info on the MFA. I really think you’ve done an amazing and admirable piece of work here. I’ll try to look you up in the future, so that I can read your book! Cheers!

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